Passing one of the bigger boats near Tancarville bridge

Following all the guidance in various pilots we decided leaving Honfleur between 08:02 and 08:30 would be best - but the bridge to the Vieux Basin only opens at 08:30 so since we did not want to move out the night before we decided to risk the extra few minutes.

When we got out of the lock into the Seine we were surprised to find the height already well up and a fair torrent of tide rushing by. Had we misjudged it entirely? We had 6 - 7 Knots of tide with us - but the levels along the bank looked very near high tide - are we doomed to fight the torrent after a few miles??

The tide running past the buoy gives an idea of the flow rate _>


Mast down ready for the canals - in Honfleur


Pont de Normandie


Serious Skipper waiting for bridge to open in Honfleur for run up to Rouen.

Superwind wind turbine can be seen in lowered position on hinged mast.


Look behind YOU!!

Arrived Rouen ( Cathedral from boat moored at the Plaisence Pontoon)

After all our worries about missing the tide it turned out we got it exactly right - since the high tide in Rouen is 6 hrs later than at Honfleur we carried the tide with us and arrived 16:20 after a seven hr run and perfect timing to allow us to proceed against the turning tide up the one way system to the pontoons.

Rouen is a very pleasant city - see the crew’s pictures of Blues Dog and Joan of Arc in the Cathedral.


Rouen Cathedral






Our Route

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